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Hey, don't I now you?

You are a wholehearted entrepreneur who sees business not as work but as an expression of your true calling.

You long to align what you do, how you serve others, with your core self. Because when you do? You’re an unstoppable force.

But it’s not easy. Day-to-day business decisions drag you down. It’s hard to stay awake. Consciousness comes and goes. Yet your longing to remain connected to that strong, wise, deliciously human center within is always present.

This is a warm, welcoming space where you’re invited to return to yourself again and again. I’m Lynn. My vision is to support you in aligning with your essence in way that serves and supports you as a woman and entrepreneur.

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The Latest from the Power Chicks Blog

5 free apps for sanity and sustainability

by Lynn

Power Chicks business members have been chatting about more helpful apps in the last week or two. We would love for you to join us!   Setting up smooth systems is, I swear, the key to keeping overwhelm at bay and increasing income. Otherwise, sanity and sustainability fritter away like dandelion fluff in the breeze! Here […]

Be a Compassion Revolutionary

by Lynn

From a personal note I received: I’ve been thinking a lot about compassion. Specifically, self-compassion. Compassion for your precious self. As women, we take care of so many people. It’s what we learn to do well. What many of us are drawn to in our businesses. Maybe there’s even something in the genes. But our […]

Protected: Accountability Partner Check In

by Lynn

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

How to write a sales page

by Lynn

It’s not easy to whip up a smash-hit sales page. But without one, you know the upshot: The service or program you poured weeks or months into garners little attention and fewer sign-ups. Ugh. Hate that! Even worse, the tightness in your tummy speaks to your fears: Not only did you waste time and the potential for money, your […]

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